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Best Steam Generator Iron 2020 UK : Our Top Picks

Iron is just like any other household amenity. Whether it is clothes, bed sheets, shawls, etc. everything is ironed, and ironing has easily become a part of one’s daily routine. No matter how thick or thin the material is, the perfect iron will give you a smooth experience. However, with technology, the advancement of an Iron has been radical. We have the Steam Irons that release steam from the heavy irons and help remove all the wrinkles from clothes giving it a smooth finish. Though, now, we have a more dynamic and effective version called the Steam Generator Iron.

A Steam Generator Iron is a more advanced version of a Steam Iron that holds more water and has higher steam production, which relaxes the fabric and removes all creases effectively. It fits in perfectly for heavy-duty as it generates more steam and makes ironing any fabric smoothly. Various brands manufacture different steam generator irons with their own set of authenticity. As there is a wide range of brands to choose from, it gets a tad bit difficult to make the right choice as they deliver the best steam generator irons that give in quality results.

Which is the best steam generator iron in 2020?

Don’t worry; this article will give you a detailed insight on the best steam generator irons available along with their features and important specifications. You can easily compare, analyze, and make the right choice

Best Steam Generator Iron UK: Reviews

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron- Price

Philips has been known as a trusted name to manufacture a wide range of household products. This Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron is ideal for thick fabrics and fits in perfectly for any household. It also refreshes the garment by killing bacteria that make clothes last longer, along with giving a smooth finish to your fabric. It is light-weight and very easy to use

  • Weight: 11.24 pounds.
  • Tank Capacity: 1800ml
  • Continuous steam output: 165g
  • Steam Shot: 600g
  • Steam pressure: 8 bar 
  • Wattage: 2700w

This Philips Steam Generator Iron requires no additional temperature setting and has the T-iconicGlide soleplate scratch-resistant certification. Thanks to the “optimal temp,” technology claim to iron everything irrespective of however thick or thin it is without risk of burning. This also makes the iron glide smoothly on the fabric like butter. 

It produces 165g/m continuous steam boost that results in faster ironing and is more effective on crease removal on thick fabrics with complete ease. This Steam Generator Iron has a 1.8L water tank that produces steam. The water tank is easily accessible, and you can conveniently remove it, rinse it, and fill it back with water. Keeping the water tank clean will give you better results. Using tap water can often lead to hindrance, so it will be advisable to avoid that. 

It is as light as 11.24 pounds; this iron is easy to clean. You don’t need to worry about manually cleaning it as it has the in-built De-Calc cleaning system. Another special feature is that the Iron notifies you after every 10 hours of usage, indicating it’s time to decalcify it. The cleaning system carries out most of the cleaning. 

The eye-catching feature about this Steam Generator Iron is that it is suitable for any type of fabric. The steam that it produces is impeccable and enhances the entire ironing experience. The steam helps to refresh and soften the fabric along with crease removal.

Overall, this iron fits in as one of the best steam generator iron considering its unique features and versatility. It is an ideal pick for any household as it is light-weight and very comfortable to handle.


  • Fast ironing. 
  • Useful for all fabrics.
  • Easy cleaning. 
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Light-weight.


  • A tad bit expensive.
  • Noise production issues. 


Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High-Pressure Steam Generator- Price

Tefal is a household name as it produces fine-quality kitchen appliances, utensils, and other cookware items. They have yet again impressed everyone with its latest Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High-Pressure Steam Generator. This iron produces the highest amount of steam that goes deep into the fabric, giving it a neat, smooth, and crease-free look. It has a double protection feature that gives you perfect ironing results. Weight: 10.40 pounds.

  • Tank Capacity: 1600ml
  • Continuous steam output: 120g/min
  • Steam Shot: 500g
  • Steam pressure: 7.5 bar 
  • Wattage: 2400w

This steam generator iron produces 7.5 bar steam pressure and gives a smooth and soft finish even for the toughest and thickest fabric, making it crease-free. 120g/m steam is indeed wonderful as it goes deep into the fabric, as deep as four-layers making it hard and crease-free from within. 

The most enterprising feature about the Tefal Pro Express Care High-Pressure Steam Generator is its Smart Technology feature that lets you select your mode of ironing with one single tap. Depending on the type of fabric, there are five types of settings to choose from. As you select the most suitable one, the temperature and the steam amount will be set accordingly. The iron has a regulator that works precisely to monitor the soleplate temperature and steam output with a variation of just one percent.

Having a sufficient water tank is needed for good steam production. In this Tefal steam generator iron, the water tank is 1600ml, which is pretty good and can carry out ironing for up to 2 hours conveniently. The water tank can be easily removed, cleaned, and refilled back again.

Weighing 10.40 pounds, this iron is comparatively light to the other steam generator irons available. It is light-weight and very easy to use. It has the Durilium Air Glide Autoclean soleplate that is a stain-resistant feature. It helps to properly pay attention to every side of the fabric and distribute the right amount of steam wherever required. 

For descaling, this iron comes with the scale collector that makes the job way easier. You just have to simply remove the collector, tap it empty in the garbage bin to get rid of the scales. 

Overall, Tefal doesn’t disappoint with the unique and advanced features, making it a perfect household steam generator iron. It is indeed suitable for heavy-duty as well. It is surely worth investing considering the user-friendly features it supports that further make ironing a fun experience. 


  • Heat and Steam maintenance technology.
  • Light-weight.
  • Safety lock.
  • Amazing steam production.
  • Easy to use. 


  • Inconsistent boiler performance. 
  • Expensive. 


Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Generator Iron- Price

Philips is one of the most trusted brands that have been manufacturing household appliances for a long time. It also produces some outstanding quality Irons, but this time it came up with a Steam Generator Iron that is completely user friendly and enhances the ironing experience as it is very fast. The eye-catching feature is that irrespective of the fabric type, the iron will adjust its temperature along with a special Eco-mode. Making it unique and worth investing in. 

  • Weight: 11.24 pounds
  • Tank Capacity: 1800ml
  • Continuous steam output: 150g/min
  • Steam Shot: 500g
  • Steam pressure: 7.5 bar 
  • Wattage: 2400w

This Philips steam generator iron is indeed the fastest iron with a 500g steam boost. It breaks down through the toughest fabrics and gives them comfort. In addition to that, there is an additional steam boost that can be used wherever needed as it helps to enhance the ironing on thick fabrics. 

Another interesting feature about this iron is that it has the OptimalTEMP technology that makes it burn-free. It is so reliable that it will not only prevent burning on clothes, but you can freely leave it facing downwards on the ironing board. There will be absolutely no burns. Another wonder the OptimalTEMP technology performs is that there is no additional need to set the temperature manually. Because, depending on the type of fabric, the iron will automatically adjust its temperature. So, you can freely iron thick jeans to thin curtains hassle-free. 

The Iron has a 1800ml transparent water tank that lasts up to 2 hours of continuous ironing. The tank is removable and easily refillable. Once the tank is empty, an indicator light will be set as your reminder to make things simple. 

Although the entire iron weighs 11.24 pounds, it is light-weight and very easy to use. With the TionicGlide soleplate, the ironing is pretty smooth, and the iron comfortably glides on the fabric without any much effort. The Eco-mode in the iron helps you to save energy without hindering the steam boost. However, it reduces steam production, but that does not hamper the ironing quality and result. 

Descaling is made easy in this Philips steam generator iron, thanks to the Easy De-Calc Plus system. This system easily collects limescale throughout thoroughly, and it has a special indicator along with an audio signal that notifies you each time it has to be emptied.

To conclude, this steam generator iron perfectly fits any household considering its user-friendly features and design. The Eco-mode contributes to saving the environment as well as giving you quality-ironing results. 


  • Light-weight.
  • Suitable for all fabrics.
  • Iron locks at base.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Unique design. 


  • Not compact enough to store.
  • It takes time to heat up. 


Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite 332012- Price

Morphy Richards has outstandingly been manufacturing kitchen and home appliances. They have also tried their hands at manufacturing Steam Generator Irons and have notably done a good job. This Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron goes into many layers into your fabric and delivers a crease-free finish to you. It has a safety lock system along with various features that make it hard to miss. 

  • Weight: 10.89 pounds
  • Tank Capacity: 2200ml
  • Continuous steam output: 190g/min
  • Steam Shot: N/A
  • Steam pressure: 6.5 bar 
  • Wattage: 2400w 

This Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron has the ultimate steam power that delivers extraordinary crease-removal. No matter how thick the fabric is, it will penetrate deep, go through various layers, and give you a smooth finish. This also enhances your ironing experience and reduces time too. 

The steam output is 190g/min, which is way above average, and it makes the crease-removal easier. There are three steam levels to choose from where the maximum level is for tough and rigid fabrics. The steam produced is powerful enough for heavy-duty fabrics as well as the basic fabrics. 

With the capacity of 2200ml, the water tank is pretty sufficient to carry much water and hence produce more steam. This enhances the steam production. The water tank is easily removable and refillable. Your chances to refill the tank will be less considering how vast the capacity of the tank is. There is an indicator that will send a signal each time the water tank needs to be refilled. 

Cleaning isn’t much of a stress with this Morphy Richards Iron. It has the unique Auto-Clean technology that automatically prevents the iron from lime scaling without hampering the steam output performance. The iron carries out descaling all by itself. The secure locks to the base that make it easy to carry as well as store the iron. 

Lastly, this iron is a pocket-friendly pick for any household, and it comes with a ton of attractive features that are way above the other steam generator irons available. 



  • Safety lock.
  • 10-minute auto shut off feature.
  • Cable storage.
  • It can be used vertically.
  • High water tank storage. 


  • Excessive Cleaning reminders. 
  • Complex descaling procedure. 


Braun CareStyle 3 IS3042/1WH Steam Generator Iron- Price

Braun has been widely known to produce notable electric appliances. It undoubtedly produces irons and steam irons, but it has now tried its hand at manufacturing Steam Generator Irons and is fairing pretty well. This Braun CareStyle 3 iron has smart technology and a 3D back Glide along with several striking features making it appealing. Along with that, the most attention-grabbing part is that it is suitable for all types of fabric and garments. 

  • Weight: 10.58 pounds.
  • Tank Capacity: 2000ml 
  • Continuous steam output: 120g/min
  • Steam Shot: 330g
  • Steam pressure: 5.5 bar 
  • Wattage: 2400w

The Braun CareStyle 3 Steam Generator Iron has the iCare technology has two modes; the Normal and Eco mode protects your fabrics by automatically setting its temperature as per the needs of the fabric. This saves you from setting the temperature manually. This also ensures you with the No Burns feature. So, you can freely keep your iron on your table or garment-facing downwards without worrying about its damage. 

Another wonder this iron has is the 3D BackGlide soleplate that gives a 360 degree that transforms and glides smoothly on the fabric irrespective of the crucial areas. It makes ironing more fun, smooth, and hassle-free.

This iron weighs 10.58 pounds and is pretty light and easy to manage. It has high steam pressure up to 5.5 bar, which gives in a great performance. The steam output of this iron is so good that it can pass through the thickest fabrics and deliver smoothness. 

The water tank capacity is 2000ml, which is way above average and works efficiently. It is easily removable and can be refilled again. The Digital Anti-Drip care technology takes care of the temperature without any manual setting required and avoids water-leakage. 

Overall, this iron is a good grab considering the vast tank capacity and the special 360-degree glide ability. Going in for this iron will not be disappointing as it is ideal for any household.


  • Fast ironing. 
  • Special Eco-mode for low power consumption.
  • Smart textile protection.
  • Effective cleaning system.
  • Automatic temperature setting.


  • Less effective results with cotton clothes.
  • Frequent Water leakage.


Bosch TDS8030GB Serie 8 VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron- 

Bosch has been manufacturing electronic items as well as automotive articles. This time, Bosch has tried its hand at manufacturing steam generator irons and came up with the latest Bosch Serie 8 VarioComfort. This iron has a VarioComfort feature that has ironing programs and makes the ironing experience easy and comforting. It is suitable for every type of fabric and is easy to use. 

  • Weight: 10.89 pounds.
  • Tank Capacity: 1800ml
  • Continuous steam output: 120g/min
  • Steam Shot: 480g
  • Steam pressure: 6.8 bar 
  • Wattage: 2400w

The Bosch Serie 8 VarioComfort steam generator iron is unique and takes the ironing experience to another level. It is suitable for all types of fabric and removes creases even from the toughest ones. It has i-TEMP Advanced technology that lets you iron any fabric type safely without manually changing the temperature. The temperature and steam are set automatically depending on the type of fabric. 

The steam output of this steam generator iron is pretty good and fives in a fast ironing experience. The continuous steam output is 120g/min. The steam pressure is 6.8 bar, which is above average. This helps in penetrating deep into thick fabrics and making them smooth and crease-free. 

Weighing 10.89 pounds, this iron is pretty handy and easy to use. It has a large water tank of 1800ml that is detachable. You can easily remove the tank, clean it, and refill it. There is an indicator that will notify you each time the tank needs a refill. 

In terms of safety, this iron has the Secure Lock system that settles the steam output after safely transporting and storing the iron. The Calc’nClean Perfect cleaning system is impeccable and saving you lots of time as well as efforts. It keeps the iron as well as the steams station clean and makes descaling easier.

Overall, this steam generator iron is suitable for all types of heavy-duty garments and basic fabrics. It will give you the same effective quality with lesser efforts and more smoothness. Go in with this iron for easy and crease-free ironing. 


  • Secure lock-system.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Anti-scale feature.
  • Dry tank notification feature. 
  • It can be used vertically.


  • Water leakage glitches. 
  • It needs time to heat up.


Buying Guide for Steam Generator Iron

Weight: The weight of the steam generator iron with an empty water tank is necessary to consider. Once the water tank is full, the weight will simultaneously increase. If the iron weights more than 5 pounds without water, it is advisable to look for a lighter weight iron. This will enhance your ironing experience by making it comfortable. 

Soleplate: The soleplate is the major part to look at because it is the metal bottom that connects your ion to the fabric. The type of metal can have a major role in the ironing performance, and hence it needs to be paid attention at. There are aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and palladium types of soleplates available. Going in for the Palladium or Ceramic is advisable as it is non-stick, durable, and very easy to clean. 

Cord Length: The cord’s length plays an important role as it is a major factor in how comfortable the ironing would be. If the cord is too short, it will be difficult to freely iron, and you will have to be near the plug socket, which would rather be a hindrance. So, ideally, go in for a steam generator iron with a cord length of more than 2 meters. 

Water tank capacity: The water tank’s size determines the amount of steam the iron can produce. Being a steam generator iron, it is obvious the steam output is massive. Thus, the water tank capacity, too, should be sufficient. Ideally, a 1500ml water tank is ideal and sufficient for good steam output. However, nowadays, most irons come with a 2000ml capacity, which is amazing.

Continuous Steam pressure: This feature determines the final performance of the iron. It displays how effectively the steam output enhances ironing quality. The average steam output should be more than 120g/minute for any steam generator iron. Although, no harm in opting for iron with higher steam output. 

Descaling: As there is much water involved in the steam production in the steam generator Irons, the iron will likely have to suffer from limescale. To keep it clean, make sure you go in for an iron with a filter or an in-built cleaning system like the Calc-cleaning system or even replaceable cartridges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How different is a Steam Generator Iron from a steam iron? 

Steam Generator Irons are precisely used for heavy-duty and way thicker fabrics. This is only possible because of the high steam output it produces. The steam generator iron’s size and water tank capacity is much more than the normal steam iron. The basic Steam Iron is used for basic fabrics and garments. The steam output is low as the water tank capacity is low, and it is not ideal for heavy-duty ironing. 

What is the continuous steam output of a good Steam Generator Iron?

The average steam output of a good Steam Generator Iron should range above 120g/min. The steam output solely determines how effective the iron is. Going in for a steam generator iron with a 100g/min steam output will give you less impact and hamper the ironing quality. 

Does the Steam Generator Iron have temperature control?

Nowadays, most of the Steam Generator Irons come with automatic temperature controls, and one doesn’t need to enter the temperature setting manually. According to the fabric type, considering how thick or thin it is, the temperature will automatically adjust. Going in for an automatic temperature control iron is helpful and less time-consuming. 

How long is the cable cord of the Steam Generator Iron?

Having a thick and long cable cord is important. The shorter the cord, the more inconvenience while ironing. You will have to be near the plug socket most times, which is not convenient. Ideally, a cord length of more than 2 meters is suitable for comfortable ironing. Although going in for a longer cord is anytime better. 

What is the average cost of a Steam Generator Iron? 

Steam Generator Irons are predominantly a bit more expensive than the normal irons or the basic steam irons as they have more steam output and more features that effectively solve tons of purposes. Though, the starting price of a good steam generator iron would be £150 and above. The higher the prices, the more features the iron has. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, these are the best steam generator irons available in 2020. All of them come with their bundle of unique features that are hard to resist. Comparing all of them and making the right choice is advisable. However, going in for any one of them would be a perfect pick as they all are suitable for every household and support heavy-duty ironing. 

So, go ahead and pick the best steam generator iron of your choice right away!

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